Terms & Conditions

1) Profile Details / Subscription Preferences

Please keep your subscription profile details updated, to ensure that we have the correct contact details from you to organise a night out for you properly. This is especially important when putting you in touch with our hosting team for your requested party, so we can accommodate you throughout the night accordingly to have a fantastic experience. 

You can update your details through the ‘update subscription preferences’ button located in the footer of every email you receive from us. 

2) Bookings

You can book a night out with us through all of our available channels on a 24/7 availability:

    • Call/Whatsapp/text us at +44 (0) 7747021351 or +44 (0) 7437011780 
    • Our website's official booking form page
    • Email us at voice@yentertainmentltd.com
    • DM us on one of our social media accounts: 
        1. Facebook 
        2. Instagram 
        3. Twitter 
        4. Snapchat  
When putting forward a booking, please include: 

    1. The number of people in your group
    2. The gender ratio
    3. Whether or not your group is celebrating a special occasion.

Compulsory Dress Code: 

Women - Stylish, elegant attire:

Men - smart, semi-formal attire:
* Button down shirt and/or blazer HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

ID Policy:

On the night, please make sure that you bring a valid ID with you (Passport/Drivers Licence - NO PHOTOCOPIES)

Entry Policy:

We encourage guests to always arrive 15-30 minutes before the doors open for an event, especially on high-demand nights, such as the weekend, bank holidays, guest artist nights, etc.

Additionally, if you are not prepared for the event we cannot take responsibility if you are refused entry at the door. Admission to our events is at the discretion of the door, and is out of our control.

Guest List Table:

Hosting tables for the guest list are virtually all about image, and are assigned to brand ambassadors to maintain and enhance the atmosphere of the club. There is usually a higher female to male ratio at the hosting tables, to create a gender balance at the events.

Our tables are typically accommodated with at least one complimentary magnum of vodka (more frequently 2-3) throughout the night, plus mixers 


If you have made a booking request through Y Team, please do not communicate with any other promoters/hosts about the exact same party. This will cause issues on the door, and in many cases, you will be refused entry, or receive incorrect information about the event. 

At the same time, if you have asked a different promoter/host to book you in for a particular party already, please avoid asking Y Team for any involvement in the booking.


If for any reason you need to cancel your booking, please let us know as soon as you are aware, so we can remove you from the guestlist.

3.) Private Tables/Bottle service

All of the private members' clubs we collaborate with practice bottle service and private spending table offers. This means that you have to commit how much your group plans to spend as a minimum on drinks in the club in advance. 

For reference, prices will usually start around £500 for a small group (5 or less) as a bare minimum to book a table, though this figure is always dependent on which tables are available 
The club then also awards you a table host who will bring you all the bottles and have all mixers included. 
Spending tables can assure more comfort than hosting ones, especially on nights which are oversubscribed on the guest list. 
When booking a private table, you are usually also assured priority entry without queuing for your whole group. 

We do our best in our efforts to assure you a very nice table on the night and can typically negotiate a very accommodating price for you.