Designers to watch out for during London Fashion Week AW2017

While thereare dozens of incredible collections due to be showcased during the upcoming London Fashion Week, here at Y Entertainment, we have a few, choice labels that we are particularly looking forward to seeing this season, as outlined below:

Manuel Facchini

Manuel Facchini’s career was launched almost immediately upon graduating from Central Saint Martins, when he was appointed as the artistic director of Italian fashion house Byblos. Since his fashion week debut in February 2015, his designs have stood out among other collections with his eclectic incorporation of elements taken from gothic rock with high-tech sport, that still remain purely sophisticated.


Missoma is a London-based jewellery brand most notorious for their geometric gold jewellery, oftentimes embedded with bold-coloured gemstones and diamonds. It’s no surprise that their jewellery can be donned for an array of occasions, by patrons who enjoy a more unique accent to their outfit.


David Koma

Georgian designer David Koma began his fashion career at the tender age of 15, and has been a staple at LFW since his debut in Spring 2011. His label is synonymous with body-contouring, sculptural silhouettes, which have since become his signature. Inspired by the feminine form, it is an element that has since projected the 29-year-old onto an international stage.


Ennigaldi is a luxury accessories brand based in London and Italy, known for their inspirations taken from the ancient art history. Their designs are intended to be unique and empowering options for women, apropos to Princess Ennigaldi of Babylonia, whom the label is named after. A well-educated and contemporary patron and curator of the world’s first museum, her reputation as a strong and confident female figure is often referenced to in the brand’s designs.

Richard Malone

Recent Central St. Martins alum Richard Malone takes his humble roots, growing up in a working-class Ireland setting, and interprets it for the runway with contrasting, pastel patterns, and sculptural pattern-cutting work that are resoundingly brilliant. Right down to using something as utilitarian as his mother’s Argos uniform as a source of inspiration for his last collection, it is refreshing to see a designer being showcased at London Fashion Week, who references the beauty of women across all social classes.