Italian Luxury Fashion Brands and How They Achieved Their Status

Italy is a country that is virtually synonymous with world famous designer labels. Whether it is Gucci or even if you look at Diesel or Fendi or even Dolce & Gabbana, these names are associated with the very best in luxury fashion. There no doubts the fact that Italian luxury fashion brands are celebrated all over the globe and there are good reasons for this. These Italian luxury brands offer the very best in elegance and their tailoring is certainly the best you can find anywhere on this planet.

Exquisite fabrics

Italian luxury brands are also famous for their wonderful fabrics and Italian designers are also known for being very creative as well as innovative. It all began in the fifties when Count Giovanni Battista Giorgini organized the first Italian fashion show in Florence. Since then, this trend has caught on and more fashion shows followed and were held in different parts of Italy.

From Florence to Rome and Milan

The centers of fashion in Italy spread from Florence to places like Rome and Milan, which were to later become the top 5 fashion capitals of the world. These fashion shows were very successful and they gave birth to some well-known fashion labels that included names like Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino as well as Versace and Gucci, and many more.

Competing with French brands

Soon, Italian luxury brands began competing in earnest with famed French luxury brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent as well as Lanvin. In the fifties, the Italian luxury brands breathed an air of freshness to the haute couture by being revolutionary and innovative. In fact, Italy has always been famous for being very innovative in the use of fabrics and Italian fashion was renowned for its simple shapes and excellent hand finishing. Every item that bore the name of an Italian fashion house was known for its high quality and wearability.

Italian luxury brands are celebrity and royalty’s favorites

Italian luxury brands have for long attracted royalty as well as celebrities. Valentino dresses were worn by Jacqueline Kennedy while Salvatore Ferragamo red shoes were the favorite of Marilyn Monroe. Then came Emilio Pucci who brought Italian fashion to the fore by designing very chic uniforms for air hostesses and airline crews.

Wide selection

Without a doubt, Italian luxury brands offer you a wide selection of items to choose from including in accessories. This has ensured that Italian luxury brands enjoy fame and success all over the world. Gucci bags are considered some of the best while Ferragamo shoes are renowned for being very attractive. Bottega Veneta is another name the world has got to know of especially because of its high-quality leather items.

When it comes to perfumes, Italian luxury brands have earned an enviable reputation. Fragrances such as the one called Roma by Laura Biagiotti and the ones from Dolce & Gabbana enjoy a very good reputation. Even when you look at sunglasses, you will find some well-known Italian luxury brands including those like Miu Miu and Roberto Cavalli as well as Gucci and even Dolce & Gabbana. These Italian luxury brands have set the trend and have helped to bring more success and fame to Italian luxury brands.