Tech: Chinese Search Engine Baidu Develops AI To Compose Music!

Artificial Intelligence (AI), will soon grow into a quintessential element of our everyday lives. In the past, it was projected that AI would materialise in the form of robots and applications, that would substitute the general functionality of the human condition. AI is slowly progressing in advancement, and is already being implemented in domains such as aviation, global-sized emporiums such as Amazon and eBay, and even something as accessible as the Apple Siri application on your iPhones.

On the other side of the spectrum, AI is also being used with the creation and composition of music. Last summer, Chinese web service giant Baidu has debuted the Baidu AI Composer, an algorithm programmed to analyse a painting, break down the constituent themes and moods conveyed, and translate them into simple melodies in the same theme.

Some may believe AI is incongruous with creative freedoms, but specific technologies like this support the view that artists, musicians, etc., will be able to mesh their vision with these concepts, without compromising the integrity of their artistic intentions.

From our perspective, it is only a matter of time before we start to see concepts in the same vein as the Baidu AI Composer, branching out into other genres. How long will it be before Stormzy or Skepta are rapping over a beat, composed mononymously by a computer program? Will will be dancing in the club one day to a set controlled by an AI DJ? For all we know, AI will be so ubiquitous to a point that we may not even notice this shift in the entire way we understand and enjoy music.