Tutorial: Steps to Shazam on Snapchat

Dancing in full flow at a party to a song you don’t know but really love can sometimes be annoying. With Snapchat now such a key social media platform in this generation, they’ve done the right things in order for us to have the most enjoyable time.

Snapchat now has a feature where you can easily Shazam songs while you’re dancing and it really is as easy as making an actual snapchat story. This can be useful as normally songs aren’t played for too long and are switched to the next song, depending on the venue, event and DJ. This gives you precious little time to actually find out what the song is called as well as the artist name.

The Shazam feature, once it finds the song, will give you the name of the song which has a clickable link to the song page on Shazam. It will also show the artists snapchat profile which you have the option to also follow if you’ve now become an instant fan. So no more sitting around trying to remember the lyrics that goes “Doo doo doo doooo..”.

Below we have included a video demonstration about how to use this feature - check it out!