Y Entertainment celebrates Grime this month

The unique sound and style of Grime emerged in the early 2000s, as a mutation development of several UK electronic styles, including garage and jungle genres. During this time, garage rap was expanding from London to the rest of the UK,  triggering the reputation of MCs to elevate in status. Artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Kano, and Lethal Bizzle are oftentimes credited as pioneers of the genre, for bringing mainstream attention to the grime scene, to the point of international recognition. It is oftentimes described as fairly barbed, aggressive and violent, and the style and presentation of Grime has been referred to as a collision of two iconic elements: hardcore rap and hardcore techno.

As genuine fans of the genre ourselves, our aim during the upcoming weeks is to inform our audience about the development of Grime up to the present day, and where we feel the future of this music scene is heading towards. Over a course of time, we hope to expose and encourage the members’ clubs we collaborate with to give proper consideration to Grime music and the artists of the genre. In fact, we wish to eventually inspire the DJ’s of these club to include a myriad of diverse genres in their sets, as opposed to the typical run-down of hip-hop and house, which our guests are so used to.