Upcoming Fashion Trends in London Nightlife

London, “the capital of cool” has the best known places to party. Members’ clubs like Project, Tonteria, Libertine and Cuckoo are among the best locations to spend the night in this city, where all-around entertainment is top priority, and the reason why high-profile names are drawn to attend. Our clubs attract a glamorous clientele dominated by a high class style. Whether you are into a simple, or more sophisticated style of attire, we hope to keep you informed on what the atmosphere calls for apparel-wise, to insure you fit into the luxury environment. 


December Thoughts

“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” - Sophia Loren

The “smart and sexy” style usually means "dress to impress”, so a little black dress is never out of fashion. High heels are essential, and they definitely help to emphasise the elegance of the entire appearance. 

Despite that, girls want to wear the newest outfits to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Therefore, we want to inform people about the current collections and what we expect to see popping up amongst our guests in the clubs, based on these inspirations. During Fashion Week: Autumn/Winter 2016 some of the most prominent trends below came up with a variety of approaches from designers:

Stripes can be worn in different ways, combining different colours, proportions and textures.  

The minimalist style is very popular and it gives a sense of luxe to the overall styling.  

You may find it interesting, but cats are the most iconic things ever, so why not using them under the form of pussycat prints or as a jewellery, as well as leopard prints, which creates a more attractive look.

This season is absolutely great to try these combinations! Going forth, the 1980s style became extremely popular on the runways of London, Milan and Paris. From spiked stilettos, satin, tons of gold jewellery, to tights and asymmetric cuts, leather and lace, latex and lurex, these 'ingredients' should not be missed for a night out.

Corsetry has returned in a remarkable way, with designers approaching the idea of wearing a bustier over a dress. This trend is currently 'gaining momentum’, and we intend to see more of it emerging in different, creative styles.