The Mannequin Challenge at Libertine

In the same vein of viral trends, such as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and Harlem Shake, the newest craze taking over at the moment is the vaguely named 'Mannequin Challenge'. How a task as simple as standing still like a mannequin has enveloped into a social media storm remains to be seen but it is clear that many of these fads evolve in a similar style. 

Firstly, these trends tend to start in American high schools, with adolescent students as the forerunners of creativity. As these activities become widespread, social media is eventually enabled to grab a hold of them, and from there they gradually begin to radiate worldwide. At this point, high-profile figures and celebrities begin to involve themselves with these ‘Challenges’, generating further worldwide buzz, due to the sheer size of their fan-bases. The song widely associated with the Mannequin Challenge: Black Beatles performed by Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane has already received over 90 million views.

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about the Mannequin Challenge, is that individuals of all ages, races, and backgrounds are able to participate in it without exclusion. Just consider the public figures who have taken part in the challenge already including: Hilary Clinton, Destiny’s Child, LeBron James (Below), Borussia Dortmund football players, and both England and Belgium's national football teams, just to name a few. 

Mannequin Challenge has reached an amazing feat sparked practically overnight, but like all popular trends/challenges, it is bound not to last. For the time being, let's have fun with it while we still can, so you don't end up being the guy who freezes like a mannequin two months late!