Exclusive Interview with Grime artist Chipmunk

Check out the interview below with Chip held at JD Sports flagship this week.  He was sponsored by Timberland to promote their new shoe release, but the standout sections of the event are his moving commentary on the current developments in the Grime scene, and the highlights of his career thus far. 

Chipmunk (born Jahmaal Fyffe) is an English Grime MC from North London, Tottenham to be exact. His stage name is a throwback to an old nickname given to him by a childhood friend, who was making a jab at his appearance at the time -- fairly short, chubby, and sporting braces for four years. After his friend tragically passed, Chipmunk decided to adopt the performance name as a respectful homage. Though he had a dream from an early age to work in the music industry, he made the calculated decision to finish his studies, before pursuing it full-time. He ended up finishing his A-Levels, building up his composition repetoire over the course of several years, leading up to today where he is currently being one of the biggest artists in the Grime music scene. At the tender age of 18, Chip made history in 2008, when he was awarded with the Best Newcomer Award at the MOBO’s, and is to this day the youngest artist to ever win a MOBO Award. 

In a more recent stages of his career, Chipmunk has been involved numerous in numerous feuds with fellow rappers, including Tinie Tempah, Yungen, as well as current upcomer Bugzy Malone. Chipmunk ability doesn't falter though, as he has come out on top with every one of those feuds, through his impressive rap battle performances. His newest album Power Up was released back in August, and has been circulated with plenty of love from his fanbase, whose overwhelming support Chip never fails to humbly acknowledge.