Development of Boy Better Know (BBK)

There are many different genres of music and grime is one that has been making a strong presence over the past few years. One of the most popular collectives in the genre today is Boy Better Know (BBK). 

Who Are Boy Better Know?

Boy Better Know is an English grime collective and an independent  record label. BBK was founded in 2005 by brothers Skepta, JME and close friend Dave Shlogger. Each member took advantage of this and began producing their own music through the label.

History Of Boy Better Know Members

Before the grime genre excelled artists were making regular appearances on pirate radio stations. This was the only platform they had in order build a fanbase for themselves. One group that was consistently on Pirate Radio were the ‘Meridian Crew’. This group consisted of the following MCs: President T, Skepta, JME and Big H. Due to certain events that took place after we witnessed the separation of Meridian Crew. BBK was founded to create a positive influence and act as a platform where artists were able to express themselves in an alternative way.

Defining Moments

Last year was described by many as the ‘year of grime’ and this statement couldn’t be more accurate. There were many highlights from last year in relation to the grime scene, two of the most defining moments included one of the biggest global names in hip-hop, Drake. During the final few days in February Drake appeared as a featuring artist at one of Section Boyz’ performance after the Brit Awards. This in itself was a major turning point because Drake had displayed support behind the emerging genre, attracting a wider audience. Not only did Drake support Section Boyz he also announced he has signed to the UK independent label BBK. This was a defining moment for the record label that such a well known and established artist.

How They Transformed Grime

There are many things that BBK have done to refresh the grime scene. One important way BBK have adapted the scene is by proving that you a big budget isn’t required to become creative. Skepta won a the best video Mobo award for the song ‘That’s Not Me’. The video costed £80 to make. Even though it wasn’t expensive it was clear that thought had been put into it. The video created a nostalgic feeling as the aesthetics mirrored videos of pioneering grim artists. The video is symbolic, there are many connotations that can be extracted. The filming of the video  in the streets depicts the area where not only Skepta began, but the birth of grime itself. The video is posted below so you’re able to see for yourself. If you compare it to older footage of pioneering artists you’ll definitely be able to see visual similarities.