Emerging Menswear Trends This Upcoming Season


Mayfair clubs in London are notorious for exclusivity, occasionally graced by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jay Z, among dozens of others. Entry to these clubs is regarded as a privilege, and thus fashion  is extremely important when clubbing in London, a city with a cool, unique and sophisticated atmosphere known to offer best places to party. Following London Fashion Week Men's AW17, its time to start asking ourselves how 2017 can really surprise us, and what this season can offer to our male guest list attendees.

Our clubs will usually preach that “the sharper you look the better”.  So get your best shirt, your chic trousers, and those smart shoes lined up and polished for the evening. We want to inform our guests about the current collections and how some of the most noticeable trends below are evolving from 2016 to 2017 transition. So book with us and have a guaranteed entry where you can showcase the latest trends.


Bow Ties Are In

Bowties have become extremely trendy and they are sighted frequently on a number of celebs lately. They are fun, unique and daring. A perfect accessory for a perfect night



Classic Mayfair Look

Embrace the minimalist, classic white shirt and blazer look, one cannot go wrong with that in Mayfair. Dressing up a T-Shirt, with a contrasting luxe blazer, is especially recommended if you feel a bit out of place with the standard oxford shirt.


Thick-Soled Derbies Are A Must

Derbies are the perfect combination of insulated and stylish. They are exceptionally smart and perfect for Mayfair Members’ clubs, and a necessity with the recent cold front we’ve been experiencing. 



Obviously coats as well, are essential for a night out, as outerwear is usually what forms first impressions. Be bold, be daring, and stand-out, with unique options available for this staple.