Check Out These Cool iOS 10 Features

Since the launch of iOS 10, there have been a number of new additions to the iMessage platform.   1) In iOS 10, you can add effects to the bubble messages to emphasise emotion. These are effects such as Slam, where the message slams into the screen, Loud, where the message enlarges and shakes, Gentle, where the message is printed smaller and gets larger slowly and Invisible Ink, where the message is hidden in pixels and is revealed when tapped. 2) You can also add background effects to your messages such as fireworks, balloons, confetti, lasers and shooting stars.

3) You can now send reactions to messages by holding down the message you have received and selecting from a heart, thumbs up and down, ‘haha’, exclamation marks and question marks. This is helpful for sharing quick replies and immediate reactions to messages.

4) Whether it be a business contact or a friend, you can create even more personalisation by now writing handwritten notes which would be good for simple short messages such as ‘Hello’, ‘Thank you’ or ‘OK’.

5) You are now able to integrate other apps into iMessage such as Evernote, Shazam, and Citymapper. This feature is useful for collaborating with others and sharing files with friends. You can do this by pressing the left arrow, then the App Store logo when a message is open and then find apps or manage which ones you can use in iMessage.