What Should Men Wear To Members Clubs In London?

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Before entering a member’s club in London, it makes sense to do some due diligence regarding attire. Before you go out and buy some new clothes, you need to keep in mind that it never pays to wear the nicest clothes. Also, don’t wear black because most member’s clubs have loads of black lights. In such lighting conditions, black dresses do not look very good.

Which coat should you wear?

When choosing a coat, be sure to pick something that is able to survive the heat inside the club. A lightweight blazer is a good option and so too is a leather jacket. Also, remember that the more pockets your coat or jacket has, the fewer the sweat stains. Also, before entering a member’s club, make sure that you learn about their dress codes. It also makes sense for you to know the city.

Dressing for lunch or dinner

If you have been invited for lunch or dinner, then dress in a dark suit with tie and a proper shirt. Clad your feet in leather shoes that are well polished. A navy suit is another option, and one that suits those with a conservative bent of mind. If you want to look more contemporary, then be sure to wear a white shirt with silk tie and you can encase your feet in nice John Lobb shoes.

What you need to wear to a high-minded club

It pays to understand that you need to make an effort, and so if you are going to a high-minded club, then the right dress is a navy-blue suit which should be worn over a suitable roll neck and not a shirt. For footwear, be sure to go with brown colored slip-on shoes.

Combine a blazer with white shirt

Another option available to anyone who wants to visit a member’s club is to wear an elegant blazer with white shirt and a nice pair of chinos. Sleek loafers should round off the look.

Shoe options

Your shoes should be selected very carefully as they are what women look at when sizing up a man. Classic Chelsea boots are an option worth exploring as too are a pair in monochrome color. Other than this option, be sure to also check out classic brogues, which are both very smart and casual. Loafers are also an option worth checking out, especially if you want to sport a casual look.

Shirt options

Oxford shirts never go out of style and are a favorite among most clubbers. White shirts are also a good option as they go with practically every different kind of attire. If you want to look different, then go with a denim shirt which can be paired with a pair of black jeans. As for legwear, you can choose between chinos, jeans and trousers. Chinos are a very good option as they are a safe option. Jeans are allowed in many clubs but if their dress code does not permit jeans, then you should go with a pair of formal trousers.

Blazers are a very good option. If you want to wear a suit, then go with something like a Hartford Blue plain suit. A Comfort blazer is a good option which can be paired with a navy overdye Oxford shirt by Gitman Bros.