What to wear in nightclubs in London

If you are visiting London and would like to visit a nightclub, then there are a few things you need to know about what to wear in the nightclub. There is no single criterion for a night on the town and London, being so diverse, offers you several options. The best piece of advice is to take a cue from what your favorite celebrity wears. Though they may not always dress appropriately, you can use their outfits for inspiration. So, be sure to check out Instagram where they normally post pictures of themselves.

What is acceptable and what is not

Keep in mind that denims and leggings are to be avoided at all costs. Also, avoid wearing a dress you would perhaps wear to a prom. Dresses that make you look like you have just come out of your office are also to be shunned. Polka dots and vests are not good enough either. It is also a good idea to avoid wearing slanted heels and scatty boots are also to be avoided. Instead, you could think about dressing in sequins and midis made from PVC are also worth checking out in more detail. Leather Midis are a good option and the same goes for bralettes.

How to look more fashionable

To look your fashionable best, you should also think about wearing crop tops and high waist pants. Jumpsuits are also a good option as too are thick chunky heels. The important thing is to feel confident as well as comfortable in what you wear. If you are the self-conscious type, then there is no sense in wearing short dresses. You need to wear something easy to move in. if Beyoncé wears something, then you may want to copy that but only if Kanye West approves.

Stick to dress codes

Remember that London is a very fashionable city and is not like other cities. Also, different nightclubs have their own dress codes. So, make sure you check these dress codes before investing in your clothes. For inspiration, you may want to check out what was trending at the London Fashion Week. Several famous designers including Riccardo Tisci, and Stella McCartney showed their wears alongside big names like Topshop and Burberry. One thing that stood out from the London Fashion Week was the clothes that were inspired by military wear. Versace for example displayed some very nice cropped bomber jackets with buckled pants in suede. Models also wore lace-up canvas combat boots. These dresses would certainly make you look very chic and posh.

Some fashionable options

Another option available to you is to wear piled-on prints or gingham-floral-mesh layered dresses, especially those from Henry Holland. It seems that maximalism is making a return. So, why not think about wearing daring prints with plenty of confidence?

The best way to dress for a nightclub in London is by wearing something that is unique and which makes you feel more confident. If you are confident about wearing a Versace dress, then go for animal prints and safari colors. Alternatively, you can wear colored uniforms and pink or you can go with Corolla skirts and asymmetric pieces. Don’t forget to wear the right perfume. Invest in Chanel or Dior or something equally impressive.